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Industry ahead of regulators?

10 CEOs ask Bush for action on climate, calling for mandatory controls, including Lehman Brothers.

In the meantime there's Climate change high on the agenda at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos with the 17 sessions (check out the Davos Climate Alliance: were you expecting a "Lead by example and join us in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions!" so "early"?).

Finally major investors are looking deeply into efficiency and sustainability in general, at Global 100 - Most sustainable companies in the world (JPM, GS, Swiss Re etc..).
Where recently UK companies including Barclays and LSE are teaming to combat climate change.

All this while Fanny Mae and Highmark develop efficient LEEDS computing centers.

Well, time will show who are the greenwashers, who the opportunists, and who has really a pragmatic mid-term vision!

Now the game is getting serious, no shortcuts and competition on *real* targets!
Exciting enough for you?
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