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The colour green - An environmental finance hub's Journal
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Monday, July 9th, 2007
11:05 pm
Going Green

Check out the collective green blog Going Green at Finextra.

Last posts on HSBC and Smile bank.

Still at Finextra but extra GG, Chris Skinner's post on Green banking, ethics and sustainability.
11:00 pm
John Doerr on Our Frightening Future
Full post from EcoGeek

John Doerr is scared. John Doerr is angry. John Doerr isn't sure we're going to make it. And when John Doerr talks, everybody should listen.

It should be enough that he saw the whole internet thing coming from almost a decade away and made himself a billionaire by investing in the likes of Amazon and Google when they only had a few employees. But he's also become one of the world's leading experts on clean technology. Doerr is well respected, and known for his prescience. So now that I know that he's scared...I'm pretty scared too.
Friday, February 16th, 2007
9:30 pm
Measuring Corporate Conscience
Measuring Corporate Conscience or Asset4's monitoring of non-financial factors catches on with investors.

In brief, they plan complementing traditional financial providers with "innovative" data.
Only 16 percent of a company’s performance is linked to financials, the other 84 percent are tied to environmental policy, and social and governance issues (ESG), claims Mr. Ohnemus

Will they also measure greenwashing or internal current wars?
Thursday, January 25th, 2007
11:23 pm
74 names to invest in
Kerschner on video about the Citigroup investment report Climatic Consequences...(link to the full text from here).

Among financials appear:
Ace Limited
American Intl Group
Arch Capital Group
Chicago Mercantile
GFI Group
Swiss Reinsurance
8:51 pm
Climate reseach funding
Bank backs research into best way to tackle climate change
We know the scale of the problem of global warming, and we know of many things that could contribute to solving it, but we are not sure what are the most effective actions we can take immediately and how we can kick-start them. Investment bank Goldman Sachs is funding research that hopes to answer these questions and influence government policy and the market for green technologies.
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
8:04 pm
Industry ahead of regulators?
10 CEOs ask Bush for action on climate, calling for mandatory controls, including Lehman Brothers.

In the meantime there's Climate change high on the agenda at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos with the 17 sessions (check out the Davos Climate Alliance: were you expecting a "Lead by example and join us in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions!" so "early"?).

Finally major investors are looking deeply into efficiency and sustainability in general, at Global 100 - Most sustainable companies in the world (JPM, GS, Swiss Re etc..).
Where recently UK companies including Barclays and LSE are teaming to combat climate change.

All this while Fanny Mae and Highmark develop efficient LEEDS computing centers.

Well, time will show who are the greenwashers, who the opportunists, and who has really a pragmatic mid-term vision!

Now the game is getting serious, no shortcuts and competition on *real* targets!
Exciting enough for you?

Current Mood: optimistic
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
9:34 pm
Paulson for the environment
Let's greet the community with some really good news:
aparently the US Treasury secretary Henry Paulson is about to spend a fortune in environmental support. In other words, charity.
We'd like to know more detail on this, cause charity is not always a good investment, but surely the guy knows how to handle it; and he's not new to this.
Let's hope this can have not just a direct effect, but also inspire others to follow on.

Current Mood: happy
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